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Spinach Dyeing

Totally handmade dyeing with natural pigments, such as spinach, yerba mate, coffee, annatto... etc., which guarantee unique tones to the pieces.

Mordant Dyeing

Vegetal fibers: gelatin acetate
Animal fibers: 5g of copper acetate


2kg of spinach for 1 kg of fiber.


Pound the spinach branches with a pestle.
Remove the paste from the mortar using
a water and copper acetate solution
(50 g of copper acetate to 1 liter of water) to easy its dilution.


Dilute the extract in 7 liters of water in a copper pan

Filter dye wastes separately

Complete 18 liters with cold water

Soak skeins

Cook for 1 hour at 90 °

Rinse under running water

Arte by Eber Lopes Ferreira